Fun City Sliders is awesome fun and you will laugh a lot. Keep in mind, this is not the Aqua Loop at Wet N Wild. This is a street slide, so we have to work with what we have in regards to the street. There are fast sections and there are slow sections. Good technique will serve you well. It is a family ride and a blast so relax and enjoy sliding in the middle of the city.  

Fun City Sliders is a 1000 ft waterslide set up on a city street!! The two lane slide is 6 meters wide with a thick layer of foam underneath it for soft landings and a catch pool at the end for easy stopping.

Sliding starts at 10 am and continues all day until 6 pm.

All sliders have to be at least 5 years and older and be at least 3'8 (117 cm ) tall to ride the slide. 

Come Slide The ultimate water slide!!!