Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous?
Be aware this is a 1000 ft waterslide. We have safety precautions in place but there is a bit of bumping around into other sliders. 

Is there an age and height limit?
Yes all sliders must be at least 5 years old or older, and at least 3'8 (117 cm) tall to ride the slide.

Where can I get tickets?
Tickets will be available online until the day of the event. 

How much is it?
Tickets start at $20 up to $60 depending on type of ticket purchased.

What do I receive with my purchase?

You will receive a wristband which will indicate the date, time and how many slides you have available to you.  Unlimited sliders receive a tube with registration. Please note that Tubes are required to slide down the slide.

Where do I pick up my wristband?

On the day of the event you can pick up your wristband at the Check-In-Tent.  We may also have pre-registration the day before the event so you can save time.  We will email details to all ticket purchasers.

Will there be a bag check?
Yes, we will have a bag check available on site so you can leave your stuff while you slide. 

Do I have to blow up my own tube?
We encourage you to use your own lung power but if you need a helping hand, we will have an inflation station on site.

Can I share a ticket with someone else?
Every participant must have their own ticket/ wristband there for it is not possible to share a pass with another person.

What happens if it rains?
No Problem.  You planned to get wet anyways.  This is a rain or shine event!  We will host the slide as long as there is no "severe/inclement" weather that may threaten the safety of our participants.

What if I can not come anymore. Can I get a refund?
You are welcome to transfer your ticket. Sorry there are no refunds.